What SEO Strategy that you can apply every month?

What are the top SEO tasks and strategies that you can work on month after month to grow your customers?

Is it worth paying  for search engine optimization or marketing every month?

To answer this question, let me tell you my own story.

When I ran my own SAAS software business, I was doing things in phases.

For the first 6-12 months, just development work.. in between write few updates on the blog.

Once the product is complete..work on the documentation

Once everything is tested out and ready to ship, then start marketing.. reaching out different websites and do the website optimization for search engines.

This cycle pretty much repeated every 6 months.. Development.. pause..marketing…pause…development.. and so on.

You see the problem here?

At any given time only one kind of activity was prominent.

This is not how a SAAS business or any kind of business is run. I never realized that I needed Monthly SEO services or  needed to outsource my online marketing.

I learnt the hard way but eventually figured that the best way is to have a second person do the marketing and the other person works continuously on the development.

How much does SEO cost per month?

A better question would be how much is SEO or marketing worth to you?

Even before I thought of hiring a local SEO firm to handle my month-to-month marketing, I tried to hire people on upwork. I would hire one blog writer, one link building expert and so on. At the end I had taken on another role of a SEO project manager where I  was not doing any monthly seo work myself but managing all these people. Finally I found few trusted SEO companies that I could hand over my entire monthly seo marketing work.

Even when I outsourced my marketing, initially the marketing seemed like an extra cost item, more like a luxury item.

I used to think, I can always work that extra evening or weekend and get the marketing for that month done.

That never happened. Days would go by the deadline, weeks would go by and months would slip away between not doing any kind of marketing.

This is not how a business is run. If it’s a hobby, sure why not?

The moment I started thinking about it as a necessary investment, perspective changed. Then the outcome changed.

The best part,  since marketing was now outsourced.. it kept working like clockwork. My time was freed up for development and enhancement and support work.

The key was to change my perspective about how important marketing is and that it needs to be done continuously like clock work.


Because if you don’t,

  • competition is always working on trying to grab your share.
  • You will not be able to reach out new audience
  • Visitors will stop coming to your website
  • Leads will stop converting
  • Sales will come in trickle-feed.

And the best part about outsourcing SEO, within few months, the initial investment started paying off. It gives you more room to think and strategize your next move.

This story is very similar for all small and local businesses. A small business owner wears many hats and sure you could buy a SEO Book or learn all SEO Methods and start implementing them step by step but very soon you will start lagging on your business activities.

For example, do you know that on average it takes over 4+ hours to write a well researched blog article?

And then think about the Onpage SEO work that goes for making it SEO Friendly.

Add to the fact that you need to actually spread the word about your new blog article on various social channels, send it to your newsletter subscribers.

The list goes on and it is at least a part-time job (if not full time SEO work)

You are best at what you do at your business. Outsource your marketing and let CrawlSpider bring you the leads for your business.

How does Monthly SEO work?

There are so many SEO methods and activities that goes in the marketing aspect of your business.

  • SEO Audit
  • Writing blog articles
  • Sharing those articles
  • Monitoring Traffic
  • Link building
  • Onpage optimization
  • Sending out newsletter
  • Running promotions
  • Managing Google Adwords
  • Managing Facebook Adwords

And the list goes on.. Even just for Link building, you need to reach out various blog writers, build relationships, do guest blogging and so on.

If you think SEO is cheap or there could be affordable SEO services that could do all of the things properly? Think again.

I was doing an audit for a very reputable firm with multiple locations and during the backlink analysis there were lot of negative keywords used in the anchor text. This is just a tiny aspect but very important that you put your monthly SEO activities in the right hands.

As a business owner, Do you really have the knowledge what is really involved and even if you did, where would you find time to do all that?

I speak to several local businesses and they often tell me, “Yes I followed some steps listed on a SEO blog and it was good for the first month but never had chance to continue doing after that”.

So if you are seeing this pattern of “Marketing…GAP….GAP…Marketing….GAP…GAP…GAP..  ” then please stop and ask yourself  “Am I serious about my business?”

As part of Monthly SEO Package, you pay for SEO services every month and in return all of the needed marketing activities are taken care for you. We pick and choose what activities are best for your business and then we setup the campaign for you.

As part of this campaign, it is very important to understand your goals

Do you want to regain your lost business?

Do you want to expand and reach for new business and revenue streams?

Do you want to target a new suburb or a city location and so on?

Once the goals are understood, we create a keyword strategy and implement them on your website.

Proverbially you can simply “sit back and relax”. We take care of everything and our singular focus is to increase your sales and revenue.

CrawlSpider is a SEO company based in pittsburgh , PA one of the “Good SEO Company” and we do everything as part of the monthly search engine packages in a clockwork fashion and keep you posted of the progress by sending regular progress and status report

Once we start reaching few of the Goals. we meet and revise the strategy if you wish to change your targets.