Strategic Behavioral Health – Digital Marketing Analysis :

Today, we are going to tear down the ““, a mental health behavioral website and analyze what they are doing in their SEO and digital marketing effort.

The purpose of this analysis is to show you:

  • Identify what they are doing successfully and what you should be doing
  • Identify opportunities to exploit in order to compete with them
  • Increase revenue and business

A Short Introduction to

Strategic Behavioral is a health care facility providing the following services

  • Individual, Group and Family Therapy
  • Treatment Planning (types of treatments)
  • Inpatient Programs
  • Detoxification & Substance Abuse Treatment
  • Psychiatric Residential Treatment
  • Partial Hospitalization
  • Comprehensive Outpatient Treatment
  • Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT)
  • Treatment for Depression

Google Rankings

As of this writing, when you query “behavioral health memphis tennessee” you can see that they show in the top Map Section at #2

But interestingly they are not present on the First page in the organic listings.

Infact, they show up on the second page at #12.

Let’s have a look at the organic traffic this website generates every month using some software; SEM Rush.

Looking at the chart below, they are getting a consistent traffic of around 2800 visitors every month. This is not including any paid traffic.


Their traffic is consistent and they rank for over 700 keywords. The amount of traffic they receive would cost around $22,000 every month if they were not ranking organically in Google. That is really a good thing to have. Let us see what keywords they rank and what are the various opportunities they can improve upon.

Brand Query

Their own brand “strategic behavioral health” receives a whopping 2400 search queries every month. This proves they are an established and well known business in this market space. The vast number of position 1 rankings and the traffic these individual key terms are generating adds up. A point to note when analysing your own website is that only 10% of ALL the traffic from any search will never venture past page 1! All the information a searcher will gather and all the businesses they will ever work with will be found right there on the first page

Non-Brand Queries

The important thing to know is what are the different keywords a potential customer reaches your website. This happens during discovery phase or validation phase. Strategic Behavioral Health is a parent company and has lot of subsidiary facilities in different locations across the country. They are receiving lot of search visitors through these different queries by each location. What are the other queries that they are receiving traffic for?
Keyword Position Previous Position Search Volume
strategic behavioral health 1 1 2400
strategic behavioral center 1 1 720
strategic behavioral health llc 1 1 260
strategic behavioral health careers 1 1 90
behavioral health strategies 1 1 70
strategicbh com 1 1 50
strategic behavioral health memphis 1 1 40
strategic behavioral health memphis tn 1 1 40
strategic interventions nc 1 1 30
strategic behavioral health las vegas 1 1 30
strategic behavioral health nc 1 1 10

More Traffic Opportunities

As you see the majority of their Google visitors are coming from branded query results.

This means there must be lot of opportunities where they are not ranking.

Let us see the keywords for which their website is ranking but not on the first page.

KeywordPositionPrevious PositionSearch Volume
mental health facilities in las vegas3040210
psychiatric hospitals in colorado570260
las vegas mental health hospital2720260
psychiatric hospitals in nc7878320
behavioral health facilities7326390
mental health charlotte nc4027390
behavioral health charlotte190590
behavioral services610390
lakeside behavioral health56661000
mental hospital las vegas8680480
mental hospitals in nc8995480
red rock behavioral health services2721320
causes of depression in men2923320
types of family therapy4522320
peakview medical center4948320
mental health facilities in nc5051320
lakeside mental health540320
psychiatric hospitals in nc7878320
mental health logo2321260
las vegas mental health hospital2720260

As you see there is so much opportunity to bring additional traffic to the website. We just picked few of the keywords from a list of 700+ for which Google recognizes their website. This illustrates how easy it would be to bring an additional traffic of over 5000 more visitors every month.

First Page Ranking

According to a study in 2013, the 1st position receives 32.5% of the traffic!

If you don’t appear on the first page of Google, you’re pretty much non-existent, when was the last time you clicked on the 2nd page on Google?

So as we saw in the previous section the website is ranking for ton of keywords but they are not first page rankings and hence most of their traffic is coming from branded search queries.

Top 3 Competitors


These are the top 3 competition website that are in the top 3 position of Google search query.

If we just consider and use SEMRush to analyze their website we can see that they receive a whopping 16,000 visitors every month. That is like 41 times greater traffic than Strategic Behavioral Health website. Plus they rank for a massive 10,000 keywords.


Now that we reviewed their Search Engine results and competition let us dig into their website and see what they are doing better and where we can find opportunities to improve.

Strategic Behavioral Health Website Analysis

The first thing upon landing on their website we notice that there is no SSL certificate.

First of all, recent changes in Google Chrome meant that Google now show this pretty warning on every page of your site.

It’s fair to say it doesn’t give off the most professional impression.

Similarly, there is a small ranking boost to having a secure website, as noted back in 2014.

It’s likely only small, but a boost is a boost.

One can get SSL certificates for free these days so there really isn’t much reason not to have one.

And for a Health Care website there are absolutely rules around HIPAA for security purpose.

Missing Call To Action

A good website design always includes a solid Call-To-Action and this is clearly missing on the website.

When we click on the “Contact-Us” it takes us to the page with a list of websites for different locations. 

Even though the main website is receiving over 2800 visitors every month, it is spreading out all the traffic to its different location based websites.

There are various strategies to link out to subsidiary websites and this website is not leveraging them to the fullest extent.

Other issues

  • The subsidiary websites seem to have a “Call This number” in the middle of the page but if you click on it, the link protocol to the telephone number does not follow web-design standards. The number is listed like tel://970-800-5555
  • The above number should not contain any hyphens and there is no need for double slashes
  • There are several pages that are missing Meta Description. (Couple examples with no meta descriptions)
  • There are several pages that are missing H1 Tags. H1 Tag is the second most important element for on-page optimization (couple examples with no H1 Tag)
  • There are 4 pages that have duplicate Titles. Every page should have a unique Title
  • There are 54 pages without any Meta Description
  • There are 13 pages without H1 Tags. Every page should contain exactly one H1 tag
  • There are 6 pages that have more than one H1 Tag
  • There are 23 pages that are missing H2 Tag
  • Un Optimized Images: There are 48 images without any alt tags


It is obvious that Strategy Behavioral Health is doing many things correct in order to bring 2800 visitors every month to their website.

But there is ton of opportunity that they are missing out. If they focused on fixing the immediate on-site issues and optimized the pages for the keywords they could easily bring in more than 5000 additional visitors to their website.

Another thing to focus would be on the local websites and see how they are ranking within their respective cities and how much traffic they bring in.

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