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Automated Linking

Here’s how to set up automatic link creation as outlined in the tutorial:

  1. Define Keywords and Target URL:
    • Select the keywords you wish to target, such as “dashboard” and “report.”
    • Add a target URL where you want the links to point.
  2. Create Keyword Syntax:
    • Create a spintax-like syntax, for example, using “dashboard + report” to find anchor texts containing both keywords regardless of order.
  3. Add Target URL to URL Stack:
    • Go to the URL stack section.
    • Add your target URL by typing or pasting it in.
  4. Configure Auto Link Rules:
    • Navigate to the auto link tab.
    • Use the “Add” button to create a new rule with your keywords and syntax (e.g., “dashboard + report”).
    • If needed, replace the plus sign (+) with a pipe (|) for either/or keyword matches.
  5. Define Additional Rule Parameters:
    • Set a minimum and maximum number of words for the anchor text.
    • Optionally, add exclusion keywords to refine the search.
    • Assign a group category for organizational purposes.
  6. Add and Modify Rules:
    • After adding initial rules, you can edit them to include additional keyword combinations or adjust parameters.
    • Consider creating separate rules for different keyword combinations for easier management.
  7. Run Auto Link Rule:
    • To see immediate results, navigate to settings, then manual scan, and run the auto rule.
    • This triggers the crawler to find matches based on your rules.
  8. Review Auto Rule Matches:
    • Check the link discovery tab to see entries generated by the auto rule engine.
    • Approve or reject the suggested matches as they appear.

This tutorial provides a comprehensive guide on setting up and managing auto link rules, allowing for flexible and efficient link building.

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