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Getting Started

Install Plugin
Activate Plugin
Register License
Basic Setup
Start the Scan
Review the Scanning
Review Anchor Texts
Link Discovery
Review Approve or Reject
Implement Matched Links
Review Emails
Check Broken Links
Review Link suggestions
Approve new links

Register License

When you purchase CrawlSpider Link builder on crawlspider.com, you will receive the license details via email.

The email will something like below

Once you install the plugin, the main screen will show the below message

If you see “get your license key…”, then check your email and grab the license key and email details and go to the “About” Tab

Paste the email and license key details in the above fields and click on “Register License”

Once you see “Registration successful”, refresh the wordpress web page.

This should complete the registration and activation of the license.

If you purchased the license on our partner websites through any of the promotions then most likely you will receive a redemption code. Follow the extra step in the Redemption Code section prior to registration

Redemption Code Steps

Go to the redemption link that was sent to you.

Enter the redemption code, Company Name or personal name and the email address.

The license key will be sent to this email address.

Once you click submit, all the license details will be displayed and also a copy of the details will be emailed to you.

Save the above information and enter the license key details inside the plugin “About” section. See the Register License section above

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