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Link Discovery

  1. Accessing the Link Discovery Tab:
    • Navigate to the link discovery tab within your plugin or tool interface.
  2. Understanding Keyword Collection and Extraction:
    • Know that the link discovery process begins once the background crawler finishes scanning all URLs. It collects keywords and important page elements like H1 tags during this process.
  3. Learning about Link Suggestions:
    • Understand that the tool uses collected keywords to suggest the best anchor text for target URLs. It understands the context of the target page and uses that context to find the best match for link suggestions.
  4. Navigating the Link Suggestion Table:
    • Familiarize yourself with the link suggestion table. It contains columns like ID, suggested anchor text, from page, receiving page, and connecting anchor text.
  5. Understanding Focus Keywords:
    • Note the presence of focus keywords in the table, which indicate relevance to suggested anchor text.
  6. Navigating with Anchor Text:
    • Click on anchor text to navigate to the exact location on the “from” page where the link will be placed.
  7. Reviewing Pending Links:
    • Understand that links are not implemented until approved. Check the pending review status for pending suggestions.
  8. Implementation Timeframe:
    • Be aware that approved link suggestions will be implemented within approximately 24 hours by the background engine.
  9. Learning from Contextual Linking Examples:
    • Learn from examples about contextual link creation despite differing titles or H1 tags.
  10. Understanding Search Engine Signals:
    • Realize the importance of contextual linking for providing strong signals to search engines regarding page relationships.
  11. Optimizing Link Suggestions:
    • Adjust settings like match quality lower bound and minimum anchor text word count for better suggestions. Start with suggested defaults and experiment as needed.
  12. Experimentation and Optimization:
    • Experiment with settings to optimize link suggestion quality for your specific needs.
  13. Conclusion:
    • Remember to explore, experiment, and optimize for better contextual linking results.

Following these instructions will help you effectively utilize the link discovery process within your plugin or tool.

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