SEO for a Landscaping Company

How to Create SEO-Friendly Website for a Landscaping Company

Search engine optimization or SEO is an important part of your marketing plan when you are promoting your commercial or residential landscaping company. Your main target is to optimize your website to have higher search rankings in order for it to receive more traffic. As a result, it will be easier for you to attract new customers and grow your landscaping service business.

SEO for landscaping company

Here are the ways on optimizing your landscaping website for the search engines.

Find the Right Target Keywords for Landscaping Content marketing

Keywords are the foundation of SEO. People can find your content in the search engines if it is optimized for keywords that are related to your landscaping business. However, you should not just choose the keywords by yourself without getting an understanding of your market. Keyword research is the first thing you should do to find the right target keywords for your business website. The following are some ways on how to do this:

  • Make a list of the core services of your business. Then, include relevant keywords for every service. You can use Google to research similar keywords. This is also a way of determining the keywords your target audience use to search about landscaping.

To do this, type a keyword/keyword phrase in Google and go to the bottom of the results page to look at the related search terms. For example, if you see “landscape architects” or “landscape designs,” then you should use this keyword instead. Google used to have Google Keyword Planner, a tool that provides information about the most commonly used search terms or keywords. If you want to look at this information, you must sign up for Google Ads to access Google Keyword Planner. This will give you the keywords relevant to your landscaping business.

  • Go to Google Trends and type in a keyword that is related to landscaping. For example, if you enter “lawn maintenance,” you will get a list of related topics, places where the keyword is most used, and the use of the keyword over time. Google Trends will help you know the trending topics or search terms that people use.
  • Keep in mind that there are two types of keywords: short tail and long tail keywords.

Examples of short tail keywords include terms and phrases that are generally used like “landscaping,” landscaping companies,” and “landscaping services.” Long tail keywords are more specific and include multiple words. An example of this is “residential landscaping services in Portland Oregon.” Another action item would be for local Pittsburgh SEO for Landscaping, roofing contractors, CPA firms, Mortgage brokers would to run an SEO Audit If you are targeting a large group of audience, you can use short tail keywords because they are more generic. However, many of your competitors would be using short tail keywords, so you will need to outrank numerous websites. If you want to target a certain group of people, long tail keywords are more ideal to use. There will be a lower number of websites that focuses on providing residential landscaping services specific to the Portland, Oregon area. Although you will also have fewer visitors on your website, you will have a high conversion rate.

Find Local Keywords related to your Landscaping services and products

Once you have defined your target keywords, the next step is for you to define your target service area. Know the location of your potential customers – their neighborhood, city, county, state, etc. Then, you need to find out how specific you have to be in outlining the services you offer. Discover the problems that your customers are trying to solve. You should know whether they want general landscaping services or more specific services like grading and irrigation installation. You can find the most appropriate local keywords with the help of Google Keyword Planner or Hubspot.

Plan Your Content Marketing strategy for Landscaping Onpage SEO

When creating content, always keep your target audience in mind. Your readers should also find your content easy to understand. If they cannot understand some terms, they may lose interest even if you have some unique information and good points to share. Make sure as well that there usually is fresh and useful content on your website. If you fail to keep on making new content for your website, you are likely making one of the biggest mistakes that business owners do. You may be busy managing your landscaping business, so it’s easy to overlook how important it is to create fresh content for your website. However, when your visitors do not see any content relevant to them, your business website will not show up in the search results. Your content must be valuable to your audience. Use your target keywords as your reference to create content that is relevant to your customers. For example, you can write articles about “how to deal with invasive garden weeds,” or “different types of retaining walls.” Google and other search engines will crawl your website content, analyze the words and context in order to determine the ranking of your website. Websites often make a mistake of focusing too much on the number of times a keyword is used on an article instead of aiming to write a quality post. For a 500-word article, using a keyword 2-3 times should be enough.

Every Page Must Be About One Topic

Whether it is a landing page, blog, or service page, each page on your website must be about one topic. For instance, if you are creating a webpage about landscaping services, including information about snow removal would not be appropriate. Another example is when you are writing a blog about landscaping trends; do not get off topic by talking about kitchen design trends. There should only be one main topic that your content is focused on. This topic must be the target keyword for that particular page. When Google is crawling your website for indexing, this can help them determine what the page is all about.

Optimize Garden and Landscaping Images

Images are a major part of a landscaping company website. You may have some images that show your work, particularly for garden landscape, decorative concrete, etc. If your website does not have images, you are likely to struggle to keep visitors engaged. Moreover, since landscaping work is extremely visual, potential customers will check the portfolio of the company to determine whether or not to do business with them. For this reason, you have to optimize the images.

Here are some of the SEO optimization tips when using images on your landscaping business website:

  • You can “shrink” the file size of an image using an online tool like Optimazilla before uploading it to your website. Large files use more bandwidth to load and this can slow down your website and possibly lower your search rankings.
  • Search engines will not understand what the image is, so you need to mention it in the alt text. The alt text is also displayed when the image cannot be loaded. Include an alt text to give a short and unique description of your image and make sure you include the keyword.
  • Use the right file format. For landscaping work, images in JPEG format are ideal because it supports a range of colors. On the other hand, PNG is better for buttons and screenshots due to their small size.

It is not easy to get your landscaping company website to rank high in search engines, but it is possible when you know what to do and can put in the work required. SEO optimization is a process, so it may take some time for your website to rank. By following these things, you are on your way to getting good rankings in search engines.


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