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Data Visualization

  • Introduction to the powerful data visualization features of Crawl Spider
  • Explore the Anchor Text tab for a stunning representation of anchor text data
  • Dive into the Data Visualization tab for a deeper analysis of your website’s link profile
  • Utilize top filters to navigate through large datasets and minimize clutter
  • Understand the node and link diagram, where circles represent nodes (pages) and arrows represent links (anchor text connections)
  • Benefit from color coding to identify external and internal pages, as well as different page types
  • View additional information by hovering over nodes, including page type and word count
  • Node size corresponds to the word count of the page it represents
  • Move nodes around to declutter the visualization and uncover hidden connections
  • Identify reciprocal links and unique anchor text connections for a clearer picture of your website’s link network
  • Discover orphan pages and clusters, guiding you towards optimizing your website’s architecture
  • Witness the transformation of a WooCommerce-based website’s architecture through the creation of new clusters and connection of orphan pages
  • Take action by creating more pillar pages to enhance your website’s overall structure

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