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A Guide to 5xx server errors and how to fix them

How many types have you encountered issues while browsing the World Wide Web? There must have been many occasions when there were some backend issues, and an error showed up on your browser screen. If you’ve ever heard of the 404 ‘not found error, yes, these are HTTP error categories, and the 5xx range is […]

SEO Auditing and Change Monitoring

SEO Audit Tool and Website Crawler CrawlSpider SEO Audit Tool is a website crawler to help you improve your search engine rankings. The spider will crawl your WordPress, WooCommerce or regular static website and extract all important elements and content from your website and will audit the extracted content for common SEO errors and issues. What […]

Table Builder – WordPress Data Tables

WordPress Table Plugin to display documents This is a very lightweight WordPress Table plugin to display list of posts and other post types* on any post or page of your choice. Other post types – WooCommerce Product Table In this initial version we have provided the post as the default selection for creating the listings. […]

Metorik Alternative WooCommerce Reporting

What are the different options for WooCommerce reporting InfoCaptor just released this new plugin with a comprehensive package of reports and dashboards. The interface is slick and very fast responsive. With advanced visualizations and a good number of dashboard filters, it is certainly a candidate for the most advanced woocommerce reporting plugin. Reporting Plugins for […]

WordPress SQL queries

Bulk delete all comments from wordpress During migration of wordpress between hosts or upgrades you will come across situation where you simply want to get rid of all old comments. WordPress provides a UI where you can go and select the comments one by one and delete it. We need something quick and fast. Just […]

Where to find Products in WooCommerce database Tables?

What is the structure of  WooCommerce database and where to find products and orders? Recently we helped a client switch from Shopify to WordPress+WooCommerce. Shopify is a great platform and this was the best choice at the time when the client needed a quick eCommerce store. Later due the resource constraints and limitations of the platform […]

Strategic Behavioral Health – Digital Marketing Analysis :

Today, we are going to tear down the ““, a mental health behavioral website and analyze what they are doing in their SEO and digital marketing effort. The purpose of this analysis is to show you: Identify what they are doing successfully and what you should be doing Identify opportunities to exploit in order to compete […]

What SEO Strategy that you can apply every month?

What are the top SEO tasks and strategies that you can work on month after month to grow your customers? Is it worth paying  for search engine optimization or marketing every month? To answer this question, let me tell you my own story. When I ran my own SAAS software business, I was doing things in […]

SEO for a Landscaping Company

How to Create SEO-Friendly Website for a Landscaping Company Search engine optimization or SEO is an important part of your marketing plan when you are promoting your commercial or residential landscaping company. Your main target is to optimize your website to have higher search rankings in order for it to receive more traffic. As a […]