Metorik Alternative WooCommerce Reporting

What are the different options for WooCommerce reporting

InfoCaptor just released this new plugin with a comprehensive package of reports and dashboards.

The interface is slick and very fast responsive. With advanced visualizations and a good number of dashboard filters, it is certainly a candidate for the most advanced woocommerce reporting plugin.

Sales reports for woocommerce

Reporting Plugins for WooCommerce

  • Metorik : This is a SAAS solution. It provides comprehensive reporting options. The drawback being your store data will reside on third-party servers.
  • Putler: This is also a SAAS solution for woocommerce reporting

The following are wordpress plugins

  • Advanced WooCommerce Reporting : WordPress – WooCommerce plugin
  • WooCommerce Advance Sales Report plugin by Infosofttech
  • Woo Charts – WooCommerce Reporting Plugin by EssentialPlugins
  • UsersInsights plugin for showing list like reports for woocommerce

InfoCaptor’s reports for woocommerce are unique in the sense it is built using a prominent Data visualization and BI tool

The database, dashboard definition and the presentation all are separate.
If you had access to the designer module, you can edit any visualization and produce new dashboards of your choice.

List of Reports in WooCommerce plugin

-WooCommerce Sales KPI
Advanced Sales Analysis report
-Woo Sales by Country State Treemap
-Woo Sales by Country World Map
-Woo Sales by USA State Map
-Woo Sales Heat Map
-Product CrossTab/Pivot Table for woocommerce
-Product Sales Flow Analysis
-Product Sales Heatmap
-Product Sales Trend
-Product Hierarchical View
-Top Listings
-Top Products

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