Internal Link Builder Reviews and Feedback

We welcome honest feedback and reviews of our Internal Link builder plugin for WordPress.

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Review: Please try to be specific what features you liked the most and how it has helped your business. We know SEO takes times but any quantified time savings and increased productivity is very helpful in the review/feedback. Anything you wished worked differently or could be improved?

List of feedback from our users

John @ bluehighways


“I’ve been trying to find an interlink software for a couple months now, I have rumors that AI has progressed to such levels that there’s an automated interlink builder. However, I have not found such tools until I came across crawlspider. It is worth every penny as it saves you time manually interlink between your website’s posts. Interlinking is an essential part of SEO and this will optimize your rankings in search engines even futher!”

John from Marketing: “As a marketer, I know the importance of internal linking for SEO. CrawlSpider’s Internal Link Building WordPress plugin has been a game-changer for us. It’s incredibly easy to use and has helped us optimize our website’s structure for better search engine rankings. Highly recommended!

Within few minutes after activating, I got a list of all the broken links by domains. We didn’t knew we had so many tags and category links as well. “

Sarah, Web Developer: “I’ve tried several internal linking plugins in the past, but none have come close to the functionality and reliability of CrawlSpider’s plugin. It seamlessly integrates with WordPress and provides valuable insights to improve our internal linking strategy. Plus, the customer support team is top-notch!

We decided to give the CrawlSpider Internal Link Building Plugin a try on both a small blog and a large WooCommerce website. At first, we didn’t receive many link suggestions, likely because of the thin content settings and the templated descriptions on many of our products. To address this, we collaborated with some content writers to enrich our product descriptions. Once we made these adjustments, we noticed a significant improvement – the link suggestions started flowing in, enabling us to effectively interlink our entire product catalog. It was a valuable investment that greatly enhanced our website’s structure and SEO performance.”

Michael, SEO Specialist: “I’ve been using CrawlSpider’s Internal Link Building plugin (beta) for a few months now, and I’m impressed with the results. It has helped us boost our website’s authority and improve our rankings for target keywords. The ability to automatically suggest internal links based on content analysis is a game-changer. Definitely a must-have tool for any SEO specialist.

I love how the team have incorporated our feedback in the Data visualization aspect and optimizing the entire process. My clients have incorporated the link discovery process in their content strategy.”

Emily, Content Manager: “Managing internal links across a large website can be daunting, but CrawlSpider’s plugin simplifies the process. It’s intuitive, efficient, and has saved us countless hours of manual work. Our content is now more organized, and our users are finding relevant information faster.

The colorful nodes and links diagram in the data viz section is alone worth the price of this plugin. Upon inspection we noticed why there were so many outgoing links to the particular pink dot. We were able to quickly rectify the nofollow/dofollow situation for all our external links.

For future releases, I wish we could sculpt the URL network simply using this node and links diagram. “

David, Small Business Owner: “I’m not a tech-savvy person, but CrawlSpider’s Link Builder is so user-friendly that even I can use it with ease. It has helped me optimize my website’s structure and improve the user experience. Plus, the increase in organic traffic has been a pleasant surprise. Thank you for creating such a valuable tool!

I like how it provides complete CSV/Excel export of all the links, Anchor text details. I just wanted a tool that will give me each and every link with the From, To and how it is connected with the anchor text. The amazing feature is it even captures the Image details used in the anchor text. “