Increase your Site Ranking and Protect your Organic Traffic

SEO Jenga Stack

Increase Site Ranking and Protect SEO Traffic

A typical SEO journey

Here is a typical journey of new startup or ecommerce..

  • Come up with the idea
  • Build the product
  • Setup website
  • Learn about marketing
  • Learn about SEO
  • Start doing Search Engine Optimization
  • Either you do it yourself or if budget permits hire a copywriter or a SEO Agency
  • Every month you start putting out valuable content
  • You learn about On-Page optimization and have lot of your website pages optimized
  • You learn how to structure your page titles, put H1 and H2 tags in good use
  • Start interlinking your web pages and link out to authority sites.

Now you see a steady influx of organic traffic coming to your site and handful of them start buying what you sell.

In effect you have built an efficient money making engine. This engine is powered by your SEO efforts.

How does this SEO effort stack up

In effect, your entire SEO fits the analogy of the Jenga pieces stacked together. Everytime you remove any existing title tags, H1 tags or keyword rich anchors your SEO Jenga structure becomes less stable and if you do that repeatedly then the entire SEO stack may become unstable and collapse at some point

Am I making it more dramatic?

Possibly. But the let us compare some analogy.

Take a look at the above Jenga puzzle. Each piece represents elements of your various landing and converting pages.

Imagine you or someone take out or start re-arranging the pieces. If you do it knowingly then you are ready for the consequences.

What if removing the pieces was a mistake by your copywriter or the developer?

What if a new wordpress plugin you just installed accidently removed or modified few of the SEO pieces?

Google and other search engines are always crawling your website and is making notes of your SEO structure.

How to prevent leaks in your SEO Funnel

Another analogy you can use is that of a SEO funnel. All the hard work that you have put into content development and on-page optimization, over the course of time has built a nice money making SEO Funnel for your business.

Imagine a funnel made of all the SEO elements. Checkout the funnel made with word art below and if you notice each element goes into the making of the SEO funnel. Your page titles, H1 tags, H2 tags, Keyword optimized content, internal linking, SSL cert… everything forms a conceptual brick for the funnel.

SEO Funnel

Every meticulously chosen Page Title, well crafted H1 Tags, chosen anchor tags and all the content end up making a beautiful funnel for your business. The SEO funnel keeps sending organic traffic from search engines to your online business.

Now imagine if accidently H1 Tags go missing, Page titles are re-worded or your SSL certificate expires.

Eventually your SEO funnel will fall apart and start leaking money out. CrawlSpider will help you prevent this situation by alerting the moment content goes missing or morphs into something you never intended it to be.

Let CrawlSpider be the extra set of Eyes 👀 you need to make sure your SEO Funnel does not fall apart!


Get Notified before search engine finds out

As a business owner, you need to be aware of any critical changes done to your website SEO structure.

Whether you authorized it or was done accidently.

This is where CrawlSpider SEO Monitor comes in.

CrawlSpider Monitor provides you extra set of eyes that will continuously monitor all the elements of your pages. It will alert you immediately if any critical information changes or goes missing.

Check the complete list of checks and balances CrawlSpider manages for you