SEO Keywords for Chiropractic website
Keywords that bring patients to Chiropractor

Highly Competitive Keywords: Following is a subset of keywords that are extremely competitive. These keywords receive over 100,000 searches on Google every month. These are mainly for established websites with huge budget.

In order to reach your demographics, you should focus on low volume, long tail keywords so checkout the section below. You should definitely talk to us if you plan to implement the “low hanging fruit” strategy for keywords [ Part of our Manual SEO Audit Service]

keyword volume
chiropractor 1000000
chiropractor near me 1000000
headache 1000000
herniated disc 1000000
lower back pain 1000000
sciatic nerve 1000000
sciatica 1000000
shoulder pain 1000000
are chiropractors doctors 100000
arm pain 100000
back doctor 100000
back of neck pain 100000
back pain 100000
back pain causes 100000
back pain pregnancy 100000
back pain relief 100000
back pain remedies 100000
back spasms 100000

Low Competition Keywords: These are subset of keywords that have very low volume and easy to rank. Once you add the volume it becomes a significant traffic stream.

We have just listed few of these keywords as sample. We have a huge list with over 2000 phrases.

There are over 320 different keywords that bring 100 visitors per month.

There are over 45 different keywords that bring 90 visitors per month and so on.

The lowest volume is of 10 visitors per month but once you implement the right keyword strategy, the traffic stream will add up and bring a huge river of visitors for your website

[NOTE: Crawlspider has used this strategy for several new and established websites to quickly improve organic search results]
chiropractic treatment for herniated disc in lower back 10
chiropractic treatment for sciatica pain 10
chiropractic treatment plan template 10
chiropractic treatment what you should know 10
chiropractor alignment 10

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We have compiled a list of over 2000 Chiropractor related “money keyphrases“. Each of these keyword brings 100 to 10 visitors per month. Once you implement the keyword strategy each of the keyword stream will add up and build a significant volume of Traffic that will convert into paying patients.

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