What are the SEO keywords for Mortgage Broker
Keywords that bring more clients to Mortgage Broker

How are you generating more business for your Mortgage Company?


If you say “Referrals” is your primary way of generating more leads for your mortgage loans then there is definitely more room to expand your business.

What if I told, that you could generate an extra $10,000 to $15,000 worth of loan business every month by simply generating more leads through your website?

Your mortgage loan website is not just a means for filling application form for leads you find through referrals.

Right, majority of the loan-mortgage brokers use their websites to simply tell their leads where to go and fill up the forms. Thats it.

The mechanism to generate more sales through a website is very straightforward. 

  1. You have a website optimized for your target audience
  2. You target lot of “money keywords
  3. These keywords bring regular stream of visitors to your website
  4. Provide relevant information to the visitors
  5. A significant percentage of these visitors convert into closed home loans and mortgages.

Different types of mortgage keywords

In this article we are going to tell you the various types of keywords a mortgage broker website can target.

There are High traffic keywords and low traffic keywords.

High traffic keywords are extremely competitive and often dominated by the top financial websites like bankrate.com and so on.

Low traffic keywords are the ones where a local mortgage loan officer or broker should focus upon. These keywords are often associated with the “purchase intent” and convert really well. Hence we call them the money keywords.

Highly Competitive Keywords 

Following is a subset of keywords that are extremely competitive. These keywords receive over 10,000 searches on Google every month. These are mainly for established websites with huge budget.

In order to reach your demographics, you should focus on low volume, long tail keywords so checkout the section below. You should definitely talk to us if you plan to implement the “low hanging fruit” strategy for keywords

Below you will see a small sample of highly competitive keywords.

High Competition Keywords Volume
mortgage broker 18100
mortgage broker near me 4400
home mortgage loans 3600
mortgage broker salary 3600
federal home loan mortgage corporation 1900
how to become a mortgage broker 1900
what is a mortgage broker 1900

Low Competition Keywords 

These are subset of keywords that have very low volume and easy to rank. Once you add the volume it becomes a significant traffic stream.

We have just listed few of these keywords as sample. We have a huge list with over 4000 phrases.

There are over 45 different keywords that bring 110 visitors per month.

There are over 153 different keywords that bring 90 visitors per month and so on.

The lowest volume is of 10 visitors per month but once you implement the right keyword strategy, the traffic stream will add up and bring a huge river of visitors for your website

Low Competition Keywords Volume
home loan mortgage company 10
home loan mortgage purchase refinance 10
home loan mortgage rate quote 10
home loan mortgage refinance 10
home loan mortgage refinance loan 10
home loan without mortgage insurance 10

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Ultra low competition keywords

Even within the low volume keywords we have a huge list of keywords where there is literally zero competition. These zero competition keywords are the ones where no one is targeting them on their website and should be very easy to rank with.

The below screenshot shows you a very small sample of Zero competition keywords. These keywords are searched every month by potential customers but there is literally zero competition for them.

The combined list of low and zero competition keywords have a potential to reach 60,000 searches every month on Google. 

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