Google Algorithm Update – Recover Lost Rankings

Did your Rankings Drop?

If your website got hit by recent Google Algo Updates then we can help.  This is exactly what we do.

Recover lost Search Engine Rankings

We track all Google Algorithm Updates.  As full time Search Engine Analysts, we test and track what works then share our findings with customers, to allow them to reclaim their rankings

We Track and Monitor all Google Algorithm Changes

Google is constantly improving their search algorithm. We constantly review Google changes and algorithm parameters. This allows us to stay up-to-date and gather what factors Google is taking action against. Every Google update has positive and negative effects. 

We will Review your Rankings

We dig deep into your Search Engine Rankings. We can easily see the jumps and drops in your search traffic. We then align this with the Google Update timings. This helps us determine if you were positively or negatively affected by the algorithm update.

We can also analyze which specific keywords dropped in search results.

We perform a thorough analysis of your website

Using our manual SEO Website Audit we check your on-page settings and check all aspects of your site. This will help us understand why you may have lost your search rankings. This also helps us understand issues and any low hanging fruit opportunities that you can implement right away.

Crawl Spider does comprehensive keyword research and is included in SEO Web Audit Package

We analyze your Competition

Analyzing your competition helps us understand if the Google Update has affected the particular niche or industry in general or not.

If your competitors are not affected then this could help us give clues and a strategy for you going forward.


We create custom Strategy Report

We create a custom step by step report for you to follow in order to regain back your traffic and drive more visitors to your website.

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have, contact us now