Broken Link Monitor – SEO Change Monitor – WordPress

Monitor and Protect Your Site Rankings

Be alerted before search engines notice any website changes

Changes to Page titles, broken links, incorrect redirections, keywords gone missing, repositioned text all cause a change in SEO structure. Whether someone in your team did not follow instructions or it was an accidental release, you need to know immediately!

Content Monitoring

Monitor Website Changes

  • Check SSL Certificate Expiry
  • Check when IP address changes
  • Check if HTTP redirects to HTTPS
  • Check non-WWW redirects to WWW
  • Check Sitemap validity and changes
  • Check Robot.txt validity and changes

Track Changes for following

  • Title Text
  • H1 and H2 Tag Text
  • All Internal links and anchors
  • All External links and anchors
  • All On-Page JavaScript code
  • All CSS stylesheets
  • All On-Page CSS code
  • All Meta Tags
  • All Structured Data

In addition to default checks, you can provide additional tags and css selectors including regex, xpath and search strings

  • HTML tags (e.g H3, blockquote, strong etc)
  • Class names
  • XPATH string
  • Regex string
  • Simple Search string

Don’t let your SEO Engine Break

Having invested too much in the SEO of your website, it makes perfect sense to get an extra set of eyes that will continuously monitor your website structure and alert you immediately when they change.