SEO Auditing and Change Monitoring

SEO Audit Tool and Website Crawler

CrawlSpider SEO Audit Tool is a website crawler to help you improve your search engine rankings. The spider will crawl your WordPress, WooCommerce or regular static website and extract all important elements and content from your website and will audit the extracted content for common SEO errors and issues.

What can you do with Crawl Spider SEO Auditing app?

The SEO Crawl Spider is a extremely flexible site crawler. It is built to scan and crawl extremely large websites as well as small blogs or ecommerce shop websites. It collects vital on-page data elements so that you or your SEO team can make better decisions.

Benefits of SEO Audit Tool

Find Broken Links – Internal and external Links

Ever wonder if all the links that you interlink on your website or those that you link to external websites, are still clickable to a working page or site?You can provide a “Crawl List” or just provide your root domain and the spider will Crawl and find all the broken links (404s) and server errors.

SEO isn’t just about getting the most links to your website. It’s also about being aware of broken links and having the ability to flag them for your website owner so they can pick them up and deal with them (potentially preventing the loss of traffic due to spammers creating duplicate content). This SEO tool helps you find all kinds of broken links including external links pointing to your website that have been No-follow or spammy. It will also alert you when you have internal links pointing to other websites that could be worth pointing out to your boss, client or other webmaster

Analyze On-Page Titles and Meta Data

Does your website have pages that are missing Page Titles? Do you have repeating or duplicate page titles across several pages? The Crawl Spider can quickly identify all such issues.

Discover Duplicate Content

CrawlSpider collects all important text on your page and later it can compare to the entire site content to check if the content is similar or duplicate to any other page. This also applies to Title, H1 and other tags.

Track Changes to your SEO structure:

Crawl Spider has been built with change monitoring feature to capture changes to any of your onsite page structure. This helps to detect if anyone in your team accidently broke the SEO structure of your page before Google or Bing detects the SEO errors. Some of the key elements you can track are listed below.

  • Track changes to your Page Titles
  • Track changes to H1, H2 (H3..) Tags
  • Track changes to anchor text for all the links on your page
  • Track changes to the javascript and css files
  • Track changes to all the meta tags

How different is this from other auditing or SEO tools?

  • Full web and browser based application
  • You can host it on your own servers and run audits on million page websites
  • Change Monitoring feature across all the audits
  • Built-in Tableau like Data Visualizing Tool
  • Built-in scheduling
  • Provide your Crawl List and start crawling all at once.
  • Perfect tool for Agencies that work with several clients