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Pittsburgh SEO Company
Pittsburgh Search Engine Optimization

CrawlSpider Marketing is a Pittsburgh SEO Company specializing in local businesses.

Search Optimization for showing up higher in search results is an effort that requires tremendous work on your website and outside of your website.

According to statistics 72% of consumers who did a local search visited a store within five miles. This means showing up top in search results carries lot of importance.

The SEO process is geared towards generating awareness, driving traffic and sending more visitors to your website. What happens next is totally dependent on the website itself. Poorly and Ugly websites will certainly drive away lot of visitors to the next door business.

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For a Dental practice, a website that converts visitors into patients is a great website and certainly has the key piece of a winning digital marketing strategy. Would you consider the best dental website in the world useful if no one ever visits it? Certainly not.

In short, Dental SEO is the wholesome approach to generate more business for your dental practice. Our mission is to bring more visitors to your website and making sure once they reach, they are able to connect with you. More visitors, more patients, more business.

Same is true for CPA Accounting Firms, Chiropractor Practice and other local professionals. We want to empower local businesses to grow their business through their local communities.

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Steel City Pittsburgh SEO Company
Pittsburgh SEO

Pittsburgh is a beautiful city and as per Census has roughly a population of 300,000. Roughly 48% of the population own a house and plenty of small and local businesses that cater to the community.

Majority of the local businesses such as Dental clinic, Plumbing, Roofing Services, HVAC or a Landscaping service will reach out to the community using traditional methods such as Yellow Page, word of mouth and door to door knocking.

CrawlSpider has seen tremendous results when such local firms adopt digital marketing methods including Search Engine Optimization. These companies see increased leads to their websites and sales. They don’t have to chase customers and the business owner starts thinking about expanding businesses into other suburbs and even multiple states.

ROI Focused Complete Marketing Strategy for Local Business to dominate your City
Strategy to Grow Your Business

CrawlSpider builds a complete strategy to Grow your business.

At high level these are the steps we take for your local business website

  • Identify and define your target audience
  • Identify and Select target locations and suburbs
  • Identify keyword phrases your customers
  • Identify your top competitors
  • Tweak your Website and make it more relevant to your business and customers.
  • Setup 24/7 SEO Campaigns to get more visitors
  • Increase Sales and Profit

We continuously think about your business and how to deliver increasing Return On Investment (ROI). We effectively become your partner, Your Success is Our Success!

Identify Target Audience

Research Keywords

Competition Analysis

Target Location City/Suburbs

Tweak Website Make it Relevant

Gain Visibility

Increase Visitors

Grow Sales